Jessica began her journey as a Massage Therapist graduating from Wellness and Massage Training Institute in 2001. Soon after, she moved to Australia to continue her studies in bodywork and Aromatherapy, graduating from Wellness Care College in 2024. Her focus has grown to be on abdominal release, core freedom and stability, chronic pain relief, mind-body alignment through therapeutic touch and intuitive neuromuscular therapy. 

Through years of helping to reduce pain but never fully relieving it, she began to incorporate the gentile practice of breathwork and stretching learning the long term relief of a person’s imbalances and discomfort. Motivated to help guide herself and others into a place of deeper self awareness and ease, she became certified in Anusara Yoga through Soderworld YTT and then continued on to deepen her practice through Fox Valley YTT. The training had awakened a stillness in her, connecting her with a more clear channel to source and once again the inspiration to pay it forward was born. She has since aimed to assist in the awakening of anyone who comes to her in trust with their healing journey and aligns with her support as a meditation guide, craniosacral therapist, energy worker, spiritual space holder and certified somatic attachment trauma coach.

As the name suggests, her business was born out of the passion for helping others feel, to heal.  There are many levels in which we “feel” and ways to facilitate the awareness of self, whether it be physically, emotionally, energetically or spiritually. This being said, the wellness modalities offered are with the intention of bringing awareness to each individual’s state of being. Helping them to move through life with a renewed sense of balance, harmony, and overall lightness, ultimately feeling their way to healing!